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This page contains a list of all available releases and tools for the PineTab-V in alphabetical order.

Factory releases

The PineTab-V ships with Factory Test Code. The factory test reference source code can be found here:

Community releases:

  • sdcard.img pre-built image from the community member Fishwaldo derived from the factory SDK. Note: Use dd to write it to microSD card or the eMMC.



A Gentoo overlay is available here, it shares most ebuilds for StarFive VisionFive 2 except the kernel source ebuild contains patches from the above factory SDK.

KDE Plasma Yocto

A KDE Plasma Yocto Image from the community member Fishwaldo. Based on the Star64 images developed here. Please see this issue for known problems.


Default credentials
Root root/pine64
Default user pine64/pine64


  • Use dd or Balena Etcher to copy to a microSD card and then insert the microSD card into your PineTab-V and boot