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Presently the PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition is aimed at Linux developers with an extensive knowledge of embedded systems and/or experience with mobile Linux. It will take time for all the PinePhone Pro’s functionality to reach software parity with the original PinePhone and for mobile operating systems, in more general, to reach a higher degree of maturity.

Bear in mind that the software for these smartphones is still in a very early stage, with most of the software being in alpha or beta state. That's especially also the case for scalability of applications, their availability and practicability, any hardware function implementations and the firmware. The software is provided as is. There is no warranty for the software, not even for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

The following table lists the feature functionality status of the unaltered pre-installed factory image of the current shipping batch and as comparison an up-to-date reference image (no responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of this information, the list is provided and updated by the community). If you have any questions regarding the current state of the software or of specific features working, please don't hesitate to ask in the community chat before buying the device:

The software is written by the community, any contributions towards the community projects are greatly appreciated! Please see "How to Contribute" to learn about how to contribute to the software projects and "Where to Report Bugs" to learn about where to report bugs.
Functionality Component Status (factory)¹ Status (updated)² Notes
Bootloader Bootloader Critical bugs Some critical software bugs currently not fixed yet: A drained battery causes U-Boot to bootloop (cause is known and currently being worked on);Workaround Occasionally the eMMC fails to initializeReport. Note: Tow-Boot is now pre-installed on the SPI from the factory - issues need verification to be issues with Tow-Boot.
SPI Implemented Devices bought after end of July 2022 come with Tow-Boot flashed to the SPI memory, making it considerably easier to flash the device and boot from microSD card.
Boot GUI Not implemented Currently there is no graphical boot selection implementedPossibly planned
Operating System Stability WIP
Suspend Experimental Audio is often higher pitched after waking up from suspend due to a bug, make sure to update your systemReportReport
Updates WIP The pre-flashed and outdated operating system on the eMMC often gets corrupted after updatingExample; Pacman database lock preventing updatesSolution; Keyring bug[Solution is to run "pinephonepro-post-install" script as root]
Modem General WIP Alternative firmware; Slow wakeupReport; Some carriers blocking specific TANs in their networkPinePhone Carrier Support; Note: Proprietary firmware
Phone WIP The modem connection crashes frequently, which can lead to missed callsReportAlternative firmware; Slow wakeupReport; bad call audio qualityReport; Audio is often higher pitched after waking up from suspend due to a bugReportReport
SMS Working SMS functionality is expected to work. In certain cases the functionality might be blocked by a clogged modemReport; Some bugs
MMS WIP MMS functionality is integrated into the application "Spacebar", some bugs remaining and expected
Push notifications Not implemented Receiving push notifications while the phone is suspended is not implemented
Components LCD WIP Hardware issueDetails
Touch Working
Rear camera Not working WIP Camera work-in-progress with DTS fix[Citation]; userspace still needs to do some catching updebugging article; Green image tint[Citation]
Front camera Not working WIP Camera work-in-progress with DTS fix[Citation]; userspace still needs to do some catching updebugging article; Green image tint[Citation]
Camera flash Critical issues Hardware issueDetails; Note: /sys/class/leds/white:flash
WiFi Working WiFi is expected to work. The firmware does not support monitor mode and package injection. Note: Proprietary firmware
Bluetooth WIP Bluetooth not necessarily working for calls yet due to missing audio routing[Citation]; Bluetooth in general dodgy under Pulseaudio.Info Note: Proprietary firmware
GNSS/GPS WIP aGPS to be implementedSee original PinePhone article; long loading times to get a GPS fix[Citation]; No preinstalled application[Citation]
Sensors WIP "Geo Magnetic Sensor" (af8133j): Status unknown (at /sys/bus/i2c/devices/4-001c/iio:device1)

"Accelerometer / Gyroscope" (mpu6500): Working (at /sys/bus/i2c/devices/4-0068/iio:device2)
"Ambient light / Proximity" (stk3311): Working after updating

Vibration motor Working
Notification LED Working
Buttons Working Power buttons and volume buttons are working.
Accessory compatibility, spare parts Keyboard Add-on WIP The keyboard add-on compatibility is work-in-progress.
LoRa Add-on Not implemented No software support implemented
Qi Wireless Charging Add-on WIP Wireless charging with the add-on case is expected to work to some degree. Certain software functionality and a driver is currently missing[Citation]
Fingerprint Reader Add-on Not implemented No software support implemented
Spare parts Partial Some spare parts now available in the store.Store
Software notes Waydroid Working Waydroid is an Android container used to run Android applications.

¹ Status of the features at the time of the last factory installation without updates

² Status of the features with an up-to-date reference image