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Void Linux PBP

Hey, I know installing Void Linux on the PBP is not quite straightforward or documented. Thanks for trying to help with that. I am a little concerned about recommending users manage their own kernels, however. Just want to steer users toward the more automated and supportable options out there. Hopefully you feel that is valuable. Thanks, and well wishes!

VL: No problem with warning that this is not officially supported. I have a question BTW, this doc is about creating an SD card (or whatever support) from another Linux (I'm on debian). Do you intend to add a section explaining how to install Void's pinebookpro-kernel package from a non Void Linux distro ?

I've also linked it from under your images section.

I hope it's not wrong to do so...

And added the Void Linux logo (borrowed from the Void web site github). I did not find the license of this file, so I uploaded as "license unknown".

I also hope it's not wrong to do so...