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Hi! I'm Tauro. I'm a fan of Pine64 products, specifically the Rock64 and RockPro64. I own 5 Rock64's in 1-2GB sizes, and I own 2 RockPro64's in 4GB.

ROCK64/ROCKPRO64 Projects:


I'm currently using a 2GB Rock64 as a pi-hole DNS server with an Unbound upstream DNS server. This is currently powered by POE, and prior to this addition, it used a 2x16 LCD with pihole stats. I'm still making considerations on how to use the LCD with the current enclosure.


I'm currently using a 4GB RockPro64 as a docker and samba server. This SBC is installed in the aluminum enclosure and works well. Attached to this is an 8-bay non-raid HDD enclosure attached through USB 3.0. I currently have 2 ZFS pools running off it, both with SSD caching and slog.


I'm doing some updates to my network and started experimenting with 10Gb fiber using SFP+. I as of this posting, I currently have an LR-Link LRES1016PF-SFP+ on order. I couldn't find any size specifications, but this was one of the few PCIe 2.0 4X sized SFP+ NICS on the market. There is another from StarTech, but it was almost 50% more expensive, and I couldn't find any information regarding the chipset. The LR-Link uses an Intel 82599, which should be very common and my hopes is that it's already included in the Arch/Manjaro Kernel.

Based on my measurements on the picture, it should just fit into the ROCKPRO64 NAS case.

Backup Gateway

I plan to use one of my 2GB ROCK64's as a backup gateway for my network, linking to a 4G-LTE modem by USB3. I haven't had much time to configure the iptables NAT, but this will be linked to my TP-LINK ER605 multi-WAN gateway device.

I'd love some feedback - hit me up on my talk page. Tauro (talk) 19:18, 24 September 2022 (UTC)