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Current status

You cannot type on this yet.

Right now I'm working on finishing up the back piece that attaches to the phone, and continuing work on a front piece that a keyboard or gamepad module can fit into.

I'm guessing wildly but progress looks something like this:

phone back: 80% done

hinge: 40% done

lid: 20% done

keyboard module: 0%

interface hardware: 0%

software support: 0%


The rev10 files include a folding mechanism with a cable passage. Currently looking for feedback for problems on this one before I do rev 11.

no hinge

rev9aback.stl is a model that should screw nicely to the back of a pinephone but doesn't have any of the hinge parts so you can use it for other pinephone projects.

Development updates

rev 10 problems

Looking for confirmation and suggestions on solutions for these issues with rev 10 that I would like to fix in 11

  • Base layer too thin on lid: fixed
  • Base layer too thick on phone side: fixed
  • doesn't have a reset button hole
  • lid is flimsy, could use a thicker wall
  • still need side buttons worked out
  • hinge gaps are all wrong
  • hinge should rest on a hingepin not on the cable passage cup faces
  • maybe include a washer or two in the hinge
  • camera hole is really ugly
  • headphone jack is weak
  • charger hole is ugly
  • need to decide on an actual size if using nuts and bolts
  • bumps for holding angle should be deeper
  • screw holes for pinephone might be too big?
  • lid screwholes are not very useful. Maybe posts?
  • is removing the antenna components in the rear frame safe?