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If you spend some time in the support areas you'll see these questions asked often.

Have you:

Removed the battery tab?
The PinePhone comes with a sticker to stop the battery making contact during transport. It needs removing or you can't charge your phone which stops the modem from powering up. No WiFi, no cellular, no BlueTooth.
Got the SIM in the adapter?
The SIM is micro, not nano sized. There is an adapter in the box to size it up. If you didn't use it, you need to wiggle the nano SIM out carefully so you don't break the pins in the slot.
Got the SIM in the right slot?
The slots for the microSD card and SIM are stacked. The SIM goes closest to the screen, the microSD on top. Treating these slots gently will keep them working properly.
Let it charge overnight?
Not all chargers are created equal. Not all chargers work with the PinePhone. A steady 5 V at 1.5 A should keep you powered. If you have power issues try another charger. Your computer's USB port will not do the job. It may give you enough juice to boot JumpDrive, but it won't make your phone work. You need a charged battery to boot, and this can take time with a less than good charger.
Tried to install another distro?
If your modem, WiFi, keyboard, sound, data, SMS, or calls are currently not working for you in distro X, try distro Y. Everything about this phone's software is in development. Things can break. It's a Work In Progress.
Tried another cable?
The cable that comes with the PinePhone isn't supposed to be a data cable, but most owners use it as one. If yours only charges you'll need a data cable to flash or telnet. USB-C cables that provide data channels are available on eBay and from other outlets.