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Warning: I don't recommend you replicate this project unless you know what you're doing! I almost guarentee you will experience some undocumented behavior!
This page will probably be organized better once I'm closer to completing this project, so check back soon!

Pine64 asked what case I wanted for my PinePhone. I simply answered "yes."

This is a project to add all of the functionality from the PinePhone add-on cases into the Keyboard Case.

Project Planning

Before Having the Hardware

All of the cases, not including the wireless charging case(?), use I2C to function. The Keyboard Case uses the INT pin on the PinePhone as well, but it's the only one to do so.

This means that, from a higher-level view, it should be fairly easy to add all cases. The only problem is that the wireless charging case will not be able to charge the phone itself for reasons covered here. I will instead use it to charge the keyboard.

This means that the biggest challenge with this project are the space constraints. I actually want to be able to close it.


The most important thing I want to implement into the Keyboard Case is the PineDIO case, because this is what I personally would get the most use from. As far as I can tell, it should be able to fit into the top assembly of the case. This is because it's quite thin.

Fingerprint Sensor

I plan to put the fingerprint sensor in the bottom assembly of the case. The main circuitry will be placed in the left side of the case, where there appears to be a small gap of space where the battery meets the circuitboard.

I'm not entirely sure if this gap really exists or is as big as I expect it to be. I am, however, optimistic that I can fit the sensor here.

The actual pad that scans fingerprints will hopefully be placed in the top left area of the keyboard, where the hinge should be. however, I doubt that there is enough space here, so I will probably put it somewhere on the bottom of the keyboard.

Wireless Charging

As previously mentioned, I can't use wireless charging to charge the phone itself. Instead, I'll add it to the keyboard itself by soldering it directly to the USB-C connector. This should work like a charm, with the wireless charger circuit acting as a dumb charger (only +5V and GND), but things might get a little hairy if certain chargers are connected at tbe same time as the Keyboard Case is recieving wireless charge (like USB-PD chargers).

I plan on placing the coil beneath the Keyboard Case battery if there's enough space, or beneath it's circuit board if there is not enough room. As for the circuitry, I'm not entirely sure where it can go. Wireless charging is the least important to me, so if there isn't enough room to add it, then I won't.

After Recieving the Hardware


I havn't started it yet - still waiting on them to arrive!