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Pinephone gamepad.png

The main focus was simplicity in design (and manufacturing) while not sacrificing capability wherever possible. Here are the highlights:

  • Ability to use headphone and USB Type-C jack while in use. Requires 90 degree adapter or cord
  • Power and data delivered through the pogo pins
  • Landscape layout for better weight distribution

I forgot to add it to the drawing, but there will also be a cut out for the speaker and microphone.

For the electronics, I plan to construct it with 3 PCBs:

  • Main board - Contains STM32G070KBT6 (0.86 USD in quantities > 1000) and pogo pin connector
  • Left gamepad board - All buttons and trigger connections for the left half. Connects to main board with an FFC.
  • Right gamepad board - All buttons and trigger connections for the righthalf. Connects to main board with an FFC.

Software-wise, my initial plan is for the STM32G070KBT6 to be running firmware compatible with HID over I2C. There is already a kernel driver for this protocol. This firmware needs to be written, but from how I understand it, it doesn't appear to be too complex.

For the housing, I went back and forth on adding a slide out or quick-detach mechanism. In the end, I decided to keep it simple for now and stick with strictly a back cover replacement. If viable sliding/quick-detach mechanisms come out of the keyboard contest, I'd be interested in working with those project leaders to be compatible, allowing you to swap out a keyboard for gamepad and vice versa.