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So there is a Mainboard upgrade program now. While I think doing the fixes is a fun and not too difficult project (removing the mainboard is the most difficult part anyway!), there are reasons for some to want to do the upgrade. All these people will have a spare mainboard. There is a question on what to do with the mainboard that is left over when the mainboard is replaced. It can be regarded as spare and/or useless, but it still is a great device to play with, as it has a lot of power, and great pheripherals. The best thing of course is to send it to me, info upon request :P But for all others:

What we still got

A SBC with very useful integrated devices:

  • A64
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB eMMC
  • Wifi/BT
  • LTE modem
  • Sensors
  • Headphone/Serial
  • UPS hardware
  • Killswitches

When reusing parts of the phone that you do not use anyway, you can even add more functions, for instance, i have my camera's killswitched, so I could reuse them for a project.

But there are some things that need to be taken care of.


The power would have to be added in an alternative way. This can include the battery charging, but also direct connecting to a permanent powersource.


Without a screen we need some other way of setting up the device and have interaction. The easiest would likely be to add some bt headphones, and the serial. That way we already could add telephone capability.


The back cover adds the antennae, so we need some other way to get this included


There are some hardware buttons, but they are included in a difficult way.


The USBC is a different board, so we need a new way to connect to there.

Use cases

  • Emergency internet router - If there are no ways to connect directly, you could use the LTE to get networking, and share it over wifi.
  • Infobox - Remotely managed box to share info to communities over wifi, and syncing over LTE.
  • Remote Sensor - For builtin, or added sensors. Can send info over LTE
  • Lots more, I have a longer list, but please add yours.

As this is a community effort, we should be able to reuse the parts we have left. Add here as much as you want!