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Date Name Thumbnail Size Description Versions
18:57, 29 August 2021 Model a top render.png (file) 1,020 KB render of the newer version with countersunk screw holes 2
23:21, 28 August 2021 Model A acrylic case top plate with fan cutout.zip (file) 1.81 MB   1
19:49, 28 August 2021 Model a acrylic case with pine a64.jpg (file) 129 KB Extracted with pdfimages from the official instruction PDF 1
06:21, 1 August 2021 Rk3566 phy.png (file) 27 KB Diagram depicting how the Combo PHYs in the RK3566 are configured 1
23:00, 17 June 2021 Arduino pwm thing.png (file) 16 KB MediaWiki wins, its SVG rendering makes the thumbnail for the SVG version look very bad, so here's a PNG version 1
22:55, 17 June 2021 Arduino pwm thing.svg (file) 34 KB Fine, I give up. Just convert all the text to paths. 3
14:45, 11 June 2021 ROCK64 acrylic open enclosure.jpg (file) 49 KB Image from the PINE64 store, but with text removed. 1
16:00, 8 June 2021 Model B Open Enclosure Top Fan Mount.jpeg (file) 985 KB Smaller resolution so the thumbnailer works 2
14:40, 8 June 2021 Model B acrylic case top plate with fan cutout.zip (file) 368 KB A 3D-printable alternate top plate for the Model B acrylic case, which allows mounting a 40mm fan. 1
14:33, 8 June 2021 Model b open enclosure top cad.png (file) 6 KB   1
15:48, 19 May 2021 ROCK64 Aluminum Casing Plastic Peg Mod Photo.jpeg (file) 838 KB The plastic peg mod for the ROCK64 Premium Aluminum Casing 1
21:06, 17 May 2021 Rock64-Al-Case1-1.jpg (file) 46 KB The ROCK64 Premium Aluminum Casing, photo taken from the official Pine64 shop. 1
21:00, 17 May 2021 Button peg cad.png (file) 13 KB Shows a screenshot of FreeCAD displaying the peg used for the aluminium case mod 1
20:25, 17 May 2021 Button.zip (file) 77 KB A 3d-printable button peg for the ROCK64 aluminium case. Aside from STL, a STEP file is included, so if you're not happy with its dimensions, you can edit the CAD yourself. 1