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This article applies only to the main Pine Store, items that ship from their Shenzhen, China facility, such as the Pinecil soldering iron and PinePower chargers.

Not discussed in this article: big battery devices such as the Pinebook Pro, PineTab, PineNote, PinePhone and PinePhone Pro which all ship from Hong Kong (the PinePhone ships from Poland for EU orders).

How does it work?

  1. Order Email: when the Pine Store receives an order, an initial email is sent out within one day. This email confirms your order was charged (check spam folders for 'Pine Store').
  2. Shipping Email: after several more days, when the order is shipped, a second email is sent with a tracking number. This could take a week or two. Pine does shipments in batches, you get the tracking number faster or slower depending on when batch day is. In general, people report getting a shipping/tracking email within 5 days, just wait for this email (search emails for 'Pine Store').
  3. If you don't get the first "order email" soon after placing the order, then contact the Pine Store here as your order may not have completed or been charged.

Courier options

  1. Cheap shipping (~$12): could take 2-7 weeks or more, this sometimes gets delayed in the customs department in your home country due to backlogs (some had 7 weeks mainly because it was stuck in their country's customs department for many weeks before being cleared to leave customs, especially during height of COVID and reduced customs staffing). Currently, members report about 2-3 weeks, as always it can be held up in the customs department of your country if you are shipping it from outside of your country.
  2. Courier shipping: more expensive (~$25-$30), can take ~4-10 business days or more based on feedback from PINE64 members.
  3. Pine Store shipping policy (30-day warranty starts when Pinecil is delivered).
  4. Note: resellers operate independently from the main Pine Store. They are in different countries and set all of their own procedures, shipping costs and options. Get all reseller shipping details for each store from their specific websites/chat tools/email.


  • If you see the message "outbound imports cancelled", just wait. It is a poorly worded message. Members experience that it updates after 1-3 days to show a hand off from China Post to a USA facility. The message would be more clear if it was "outbound imports transferred/complete".

Why doesn't Pine Store Ship to my country?

  1. If Pine Store does not ship to your country currently, check out one of the many legit resellers here.
    • Try emailing a few of the resellers, you might get lucky.
    • Consider that resellers probably don't want to lose money sending a package that doesn't get there because then the customer asks for a refund.
  2. Keep in mind that the Pine Store is small with a limited number of staff.
    • Some major couriers have temporarily stopped shipping to some countries.
    • Customs paperwork for some countries is too difficult for a small business like Pine Store to manage.
    • If Customs laws change in some countries, Pine Store may have to move from cheaper shipping options to more expensive courier options.
    • Too many packages have gotten lost to some countries. Pinecil and other items have a low margin; lost packages have a great impact. Some resellers are more prepared to take the risks so that the Pine Store can stay focused on engineering new hardware.
  3. When possible, the Pine Store leaves open the more expensive courier option instead of stopping all shipping to a country. Some friends try to do a group purchase to spread out the shipping cost for each person.
  4. Pine Store is registered at Hong Kong/Singapore and is not a registered China company and therefore can not ship to China addresses (exports only) even though many Pine64 products like Pinecil are made and shipped from Shenzhen, China.
  5. Pine Store can not sell on AliExpress (see above). All AliExpress items using the PINE64 and Pinecone logos are fake copies (see authenticity here).
  6. For some countries people reported using a package forwarding company (unsure if safe or reliable, use at your own risk).

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