PinePhone Updating Instructions

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Methods of updating

There is no need to regularly flash the newest images to your phone because the underlying system is built on pre-existing package managers for maintaining integrity. You can use the GUI applications (usually 'Software' or 'Discover') or because there is always a terminal nearby, these commands will help you stay updated with the latest available programs from your default selected repository.

Mobian and other Debian-based OSes

To update all software, the following command will refresh the package cache, check for updates and install them:

 $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

If some packages were held back, you can update them with:

 $ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Manjaro and other Arch-based OSes

To update all packages under Arch-based OSes, the package manager pacman can be used:

 $ sudo pacman -Syu 

Note: sudo pacman -Syu --cachedir /path/to/external can be used for a separate download location to improve installation speed, otherwise consider reading for further optimization.

If you encounter any errors during the update, you may have to update the Pacman mirrors. Under Manjaro this can be done using sudo pacman-mirrors -f