PinePhone Hardware Accessory Compatibility

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The PinePhone and PinePhone Pro is compatible with a wide variety of accessories. A selection can be found here.


Screen protector

The official screen protector can be found in the Pine64 store under PinePhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

Most screen protectors for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max and Huawei Y7 (2018) fit the PinePhone if the top notch is not obscured by a black foil or a similar obstruction.


The Pine Store has official cases:

Tight-fit cases of other phones can't be used with the PinePhone because most times the proportions and/or camera notch won't fit. The phone can however be used with most "phone sleeves", such as those from fitBAG. The sleeve from fitBAG for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro fits the PinePhone tightly.

The OtterBox uniVERSE Case for Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is reported to fit the PinePhone well without much modification.


The PinePhone and PinePhone Pro can be extended by replacing the default back cover with custom accessory connecting to the pogo pins on the phone's midsection. Currently the keyboard case, the fingerprint reader, the wireless charging case and the PineDio LoRa case is available. Details can be found under:


Official PinePhone microSD card slot extender, shown plugged into a PinePhone's microSD card slot

The Pine Store offers the PinePhone microSD card slot extender that makes the microSD card slot accessible when the back cover is snapped in place, which makes the development and testing on the PinePhone and the PinePhone Pro much easier. One end of the extender plugs into the microSD card slot, as visible in the picture in this section, and the other end slides between the main body of the phone and the back cover, and loops around the back cover. The extender comes with a square-shaped piece of quality self-adhesive tape that allows one of its ends to be affixed to the back cover.

As initially reported by a few PinePhone owners who purchased this extender, it caused bent pins in the microSD slots of their phones. This forced the extender to be pulled from the Pine Store, and it remained unavailable for purchase for a while. Thanks to dsimic, who performed some research and proposed a modification of the extender to the Pine Store, the extender became available for purchase again in May 2022. The research and the fix are described in detail in this document and in the associated notes.

Community-built accessory

The following accessory is made by the community:

Peripheral equipment


USB hubs do not require a custom driver and are therefore expected to be compatible with the PinePhone, as long as they are within the USB specification. On revisions the PinePhone mainboard revisions v1.1 and v1.2 the VCONN fix is required, on v1.2a and later the USB hub should work out of the box, see PinePhone#Hardware revisions.

Bluetooth devices

In general, Bluetooth should be working. However, due to the audio setup on the PinePhone and PinePhone Pro being complicated due to the dynamic rerouting needed for phone calls.