Firmware versioning for companion apps

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Firmware versioning for companion apps

BLE defines a standard service (Device Information Service, DIS) that allows BLE devices to expose informations about them : hardware version, software version,...

Companion apps will use these information to detect which firmware (or fork of a firmware) is running on the Pinetime they are connected to.

How to use the Device Information Service to differentiate firmwares?

We've briefly talked about this on the community chat and this proposal is the result of this discussion. This is a request for comments.

Fields from the Device Information Service:

Field Description Example value
Manufacturer name Manufacturer PINE64
Model number Name of the device "PineTime", "P8"
Serial number Not needed by companion apps as they can use the BLE MAC adress ?
Hardware revision Version of the hardware 1.0a
Software revision Project name or fork name "InfiniTime", "InfiniTime-forkname", "Hypnos"
Firmware revision Version of the firmware "0.7.1"