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Functionality Component Status (factory) Status (updated) Notes
Bootloader Bootloader Android only WIP for Linux Booting into linux requires a patched uboot. Instructions here.
Operating System Stability WIP Users have successfully booted Arch, Manjaro, and Debian. Debian has most support right now.
Suspend Works This kernel patch adds suspend support.
Updates WIP GPU libs (mesa) and mutter rely on patched packages. These should not be updated via the package manager at the moment, make sure to exclude them.
Networking Works
Components E-Paper Display WIP Mostly functional. There is some ghosting and work remains, but the device and screen are usable.
Touch Works
Bluetooth Works Some folks have reported poor BT performance, but switching the driver may help.
Sensors Unsure Light sensors? Rotational sensors?
Buttons Works Power button works.
Accessory compatibility, spare parts Spare parts Not available yet Spare parts currently not available yet in the store.
Software notes Firefox GPU Rendering Possible Requires patched mesa and
. See here.

Kernel/driver TODOs

These exist, but they haven't been written down yet.

Userspace TODOs

The TODOs in this space are organized around what functionality they enable. A table of the important functions that a user may want in the Pinenote and a status are listed below:

Functionality Approaches (apps) Level of support (subjective) Supports Does not yet support Notes
Reading Documents Koreader Great Fully featured ebook reader; Supports many filetypes; Handwritten notes Large user base on many devices; codebase has a somewhat of a reputation for being messy
Xournalpp Good Reading/writing PDFs and other files; No definition support (long-press for definition) Billed more as a note-taking app than a document reading app


A lot of getting the PineNote to work nicely will be theming things appropriately. Please list themes for various components here:


Untested as far as I know:



GNOME Configurations

See here.

Sway Configurations

See here.

Open questions that would be helpful during development

  1. How do we pin packages so Mesa isn't updated when we update using our package manger?

Documentation TODOs

Note: These are things we know how to do, but they just haven't been documented in the wiki yet. If you know how to do one of these things, please make a page for it. If you aren't sure where to put it or just don't feel like doing it, please just message @aarondabomb on matrix and I'll be happy to document it.

Pin Mesa Packages so they don't update when we upgrade other packages

Should be super simple, I just don't know how. If you know, it would be helpful for you to add that information near step 5 here.

Control the backlight?

Building alacritty correctly

Force a screen refresh?

Maximilian mentioned how to do this, but I don't know enough to know what it means XD see conversation here:!$tfumBpnP2UPouNpaeFrggR40ZkrD_pHAtJdQmQvzL-o?