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How to Create MicroSD Card Android Image for Pine A64

What do I need?

  1. The PhoenixCard software from Allwinner.
  2. You can download it here
  3. A firmware image (.img files)
  4. A SD-Card (best Class 10 with 8GB or more SD-Card) - backup everything first, the Card will be formatted!
  5. An external SD-Card Reader
  6. A Windows PC

Step to create the SD-Card

PhoenixCard running on Windows
  1. Extract the PhonixCard-xx.rar file into an empty directory.
  2. Navigate into the directory where you installed PhoenixCard and start PhoenixCard.exe.
  3. Click DiskCheck and choose the drive with your SD-Card
  4. Click Img File and choose the file you want
  5. Write Mode must be set to Startup
  6. Press Burn
  7. Wait until the burning process is finished (you will see the progress in the progress bar and the notification window)

Booting Up the SD-Card

  1. Insert the SD-Card into the Pine64 and Power-up
  2. On the first time boot-up, it might take up to 5 minute for the system to get ready
  3. On the sub-sequence boot-up, it will only take about 40 to 60 second for the system to get ready

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