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Hardware information
* [[PinePhone|General PinePhone hardware info]] in this Pine64 wiki.* Details specific to the Braveheart Edition: [[PinePhone_v1.1_-_Braveheart|PinePhone 1.1 Braveheart hardware details]] (details * Details specific to the Braveheart Community Edition).* : [[PinePhone_v1.2|PinePhone 1.2 hardware details]] (details specific to the Community Edition).* The postmarketOS wiki has a detailed page on the PinePhone hardware [ here] and the preceding devkit [ here].
Other software information
* [ sunxi community wiki]
* [ megi's feature/driver support matrix]
* [ megi bootUI notes (for dualbooting/multibooting)] see demonstration [ on YouTube,]
* [ ayufan boot tools]


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