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* J1200:<br>8-pin connector to test points
* ED1200, ED1201:<br>Will Semiconductor [ ESD5451X] 1-line, bi-directional, transient voltage suppressor, EDS protection up to ±30kV and 8A.
* U1200:<br>STmicroelectronics [ LIS3MDL] ultra-low-power three-axis magnetometer, LGA-12 2.0x2.0x1.0 mm [ [datasheet]]<br>Note: The LIS3MDL is currently unavailable, so in the PinePhone Beta, it [has been replaced]( with the Voltafield AF8133L e-Compass, which is unlisted on the Voltafield web site, but the [AF8133J]( is listed.
* U1201:<br>SensorTek [ STK3311-A] proximity and ambient light sensor (large gap) with built-in infrared LED, DFN-8 3.94x2.36x1.35 mm [ [datasheet]]
* U1202:<br>TDK InvenSense [ MPU6050] six-axis, low-power MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer, QFN-24 4x4x0.9 mm [ [datasheet]]


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