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== Pinephone article ==
=== Required ===
* A proper warning in the introduction section about the state of the software, goal of the project, at which users the phone is marketed towards* Battery and charging safety warnings (not under pillow, no heat build-up, compatible chargers, handling of the battery etc.)
* Make the articles ready for BSD and other OSes, too Linux-specific right now
* A support section, directing users towards the community chat in case of issues
* Better structure of the "first time installation" paragraph
* Documentation of the mainline status of the phone is a big point people could look into
* Unsafe practices <b>must</b> be tagged with a template
* Privacy switch documentation and functions have to be fact-checked (current information are based on randomly found information on the net!)
* Notes regarding the speed differences of the eMMC in the 3GB model vs. the 2GB model
=== New Topics ===
* Deep sleep and push notifications
* Sensors, battery and temperature readings
* Safety, thermal emergency shutdown
* Charging
* Deep sleep
=== Improvements ===
* Software section needs to be updated (for example removal of "What works, what doesn't", style updates, link checks)
* Installation section should be better readable -> graphics, pictures, structure etc.-
* Killswitches function needs to be checked according to schematics
=== Quality ===
* Article needs to be structured and logical (always important to read it from the eyes of an new user)
* Secondary goal: prevent Pine's support from being drowned with unnecessary support mails if they can also ask in the chat or read the wiki
* Independently of an a user reading the wiki or not, the wiki article is likely too complicated. People asking questions in chat = the article needs to be improved
== Housekeeping ==
* Assign Categories categories to Uncategorised Pages uncategorized pages where appropiateappropriate* Move low quality unmaintained Pages pages into a dedicated Category category or at least remove existing categories from them so you folks don't run into them by accident. Some candidates are listed below** httpsReview [[Special://|orphaned pages]]**** https[[Category://****** and propably a lot moreGuide]]


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