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Starting point for PineBook Pro Docking station<br>
== Description ==
The PineBook Pro's docking station was custom designed for both physical dimensions and ports to compliment the PineBook Pro laptop. While it may work for other laptops, convergence devices, (tablets and smart phones), it has not been tested on such.
== Ports available ==
List of ports available on docking station:
* USB 3.0 Ports x3
* Card readers: micro SD x 1 & SD x 1, supports: SD, SDHC and SDXC
* Audio Jack: 3.5mm Earphone Jack with mic x1
== Chips used ==
List of chips used in the docking station:
* PD Negotiation chip - PDFL7102
* SD card reader chip - GL823K
* Audio CODEC chip - HZD100
== External Links ==
* [ The Pinebook Pro Docking Deck at the Pine64 store]
* [ The "Pinebook Pro Hardware and Accessories" section of the Pine64 forum]


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