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(Unofficial) Arch Linux ARM with Phosh and Plasma Mobile as the UI selection, it's usable on the PinePhone and currently being maintained by the DanctNIX community.
'''Download location'''
'''What works, what does not work'''
== KDE Neon ==
{{HintWarning|The development images of Plasma Mobile has been have shifted towards to Manjaro, which is also what the KDE Community Edition will ship withPlasma Dev. KDE Neon currently uses outdated package git release versions of Plasma Mobileand is NOT maintained.}}
Based on KDE Neon for the desktop, comes with Plasma Mobile.
== Multi-boot demo image ==
{{HintWarning|Note: This image is a demo image, to test different OSes before installing a regular image. The demo image is not suitable for a productive usage. The image as it is missing OS-specific tweaks , and the shared kernel isn't being updated, make . Make sure to read the linked information before flashing.}}
The purpose of this image is for users to easily try many of the above Linux distributions, without having to figure out how to flash them individually and juggle with many microSD cards.
== OpenMandriva Lx ==
{{Hint| Note: This image is solely for testing purposes.}}
OpenMandriva Lx with Plasma Mobile as UI.


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