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===P.7 NAND/eMMC===
* U700:<br>Kimtigo [ KM110SS0016GxA-DDD00WT] 16GB eMMC 5.1 TLC NAND Flash memory, FBGA-153 11.5×13.0×1.0 mm.<br><font color=dimgrey>'''''Note 1:''''' The schematic says the package is BGA-169, but the Kimtigo documentation says it is FBGA-153.<br>'''''Note 2:''''' The A64 only supports up to eMMC 5.0.</font><br>'''''Note 3:''''' The schematic lists the part as KM110SS0016GxA-DDD00WT, but these photos show that its variant, the KM111SS0016GxA-DDD00WT, is being used in the 16GB PinePhone.
===P.8 AUDIO===


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