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== BL602 Specifications ==
== JTAG ==
Note that, just as software can remap the default JTAG pins to be something else, it can also remap other pins to be JTAG. Control over this is quite granular, with 5-6 candidate pins for each individual JTAG signal that can be mapped independently of one another. LEE Lup Yuen has written some [ sample code] showing how to remap the JTAG pins so that your software can use the LED without giving up support for debugging.
== PineCone BL602 EVB information and schematics ==
* USB/Serial adapter:
** [ CH340 serial converter]
== Misc notes ==
* NUT-12S -> ESP-12S
* NUT-15 -> RTL8723/AMPAK
== Loading code ==
* [ BL602 serial flasher]
* [ Awesome Bouffalo]
== Articles and Blogs ==


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