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* Input Power: DC 5V @ 2A, 3.7V Li-Ion battery connector, USB type-C connector
* Baseboard Schematic:
** [http "Don't Be Evil" PinePhone Dev kit Baseboard Structure]** [http "Don't Be Evil" PinePhone Dev kit Baseboard Ver 1.1 Schematic]** [http "Don't Be Evil" PinePhone Dev kit Baseboard Ver 1.1 PCB Artwork]** [http "Don't Be Evil" PinePhone Dev kit Baseboard Ver 1.2 Schematic]** [http "Don't Be Evil" PinePhone Dev kit Baseboard Ver 1.2 PCB Artwork]
* SOPine Module Schematic:
** [http SOPine Module Schematic]** [http SOPine Module Pin Assignment ver 1.0]
* Wifi/BT module information:
** [http PINE A64 Wifi/BT Module Schematic]* [http PINE A64 Pi-2/Eular/Ext Bus/Wifi Bus Connector Pin Assignment (Updated 15/Feb/2016)]
== CPU Architecture ==
* [http Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 Processor@1152Mhz]
* A power-efficient ARM v8 architecture
* 64 and 32bit execution states for scalable high performance
== GPU Architecture ==
* [http ARM Mali400MP2 Dual-core GPU]
* Support OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG 1.1 standard
* Allwinner A64/R18 SoC information:
** '''R18 and A64 are identical SoC but R18 committed for 10 years supply by vendor.'''
** [http Allwinner A64 SoC Brief Introduction]** [http Allwinner R18 SoC Brief Introduction]** [http Allwinner A64/R18 SoC Data Sheet V1.1 (Official Released Version)]** [http Allwinner A64/R18 SoC User Manual V1.0 (Official Release Version)]
* X-Powers AXP803 PMU (Power Management Unit) information:
** [http AXP803 PMIC Datasheet]
* LPDDR3 information:
** [http Allwinner LPDDR3 Datasheet]** [http Foresee LPDDR3 Datasheet]** [http Samsung LPDDR3 Datasheet]** [http Hynix LPDDR3 Datasheet]
* eMMC information:
** [http PINE64 eMMC module schematic]** [http PINE64 USB adapter for eMMC module V2 schematic]** [http PINE64 USB adapter for eMMC module PCB in JPEG]** [http SanDisk eMMC Datasheet]** [http Hynix eMMC Datasheet]** [http Foresee eMMC Datasheet]
* SPI NOR Flash information:
** [http WinBond 128Mb SPI Flash Datasheet]** [http GigaDevice 128Mb SPI Flash Datasheet]
* '''Project Don't be evil module/component related information:'''
** 2MPixel front CMOS Camera module information:
*** [http 2MP CMOS Image Sensor Module Drawing]*** [http GalaxyCore GC2035 2MP CMOS Image Sensor Product Brief]*** [http GalaxyCore GC2035 2MP CMOS Image Sensor Datasheet]
** 5MPixel Rear CMOS Camera module information:
*** [http 5MP CMOS Image Sensor Module Drawing]*** [http OmniVision OV5640 5MP CMOS Image Sensor Datasheet]*** [http OmniVision OV5640 5MP CMOS Image Sensor Software Application Note]
** LCD Touch Screen Panel information:
*** [http 5.7" 1440x720 IPS LCD Panel Specification]*** [http fiti JD9365D LCD Controller Datasheet]*** [http 5.7" Front Panel Touch Screen Specification]*** [http FocalTech FT6336GU Front Panel Touch Screen Specification]
** Lithium Battery information:
*** [http Panasonic NCR18650B 3350mAH Lithium Ion Battery Specification]
** Ethernet PHY information:
*** [http Realtek RTL8211 10/100/1000M Ethernet Transceiver]
** Wifi/BT module information:
*** [http Realtek RTL8723BS WiFi with BT SDIO]
** LTE module information:
*** [http Quectel EC25 LTE Module Specification]*** [http Quectel EG25-G LTE Module Specification]*** [http Quectel EC25 LTE Module AT Cammands Set Manual]*** [http Quectel EC25 LTE Module Hardware Design Guide]*** [http Quectel EC25 LTE Module Reference Design Guide]
** Sensors:
*** [ ST LIS3MDL 3-axis Magnetomater Datasheet]
*** [ InvenSense MPU-6050 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer) MEMS Datasheet]
*** [http SensorTek STK3335 Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor]
== Postmarket OS Early Alpha test build [microSD Boot] ==
* There are two type of LCD panels. For long touch screen cable, please use the build with inverted wording.
* DD image (for 8GB micoSD card and above)
** [http Direct download from postmarketOS image site]
** [ postmarketOS PinePhone "Don't Be Evil" dev kit wiki site]
== UBPorts mainline build ==
[ Jenkins Project rootfs-pinephone]
== KDE Plasma Mobile build ==
== Sailfish OS build ==
== Maemo Leste build ==
* Works on dev kit versions 1.1 and 1.2
* DD image to a micro SD (8GB+) or eMMC
** [http Maemo Leste test builds download]
== NixOS build ==
== LuneOS build ==
* [http LuneOS test image for PinePhone and thanks to Tofe]* Tofe recommends using bmaptool ; for example "bmaptool copy http /dev/mmcblk0"
== Nemo Mobile build ==
= Other Resources =
* [http Linux Sunxi Wiki page on PINE A64]
* [ Linux Image created by Andre Przywara]
* [ PINE64 Linux build scripts, tools and instructions by Longsleep]
* [ PINE64 Linux image by Longsleep]
* [http Shrinking images on Linux by FrozenCow]
* [ Quectel EC-25 LTE module open source information]
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