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* Pasting an item on File Manager after Copy/Cut reboots the operating system
* GUI apps with Libertine are not working, because of missing bits between wayland and Libertine
* Cannot add accounts (Google, Evernote...) in System Settings
The first-time setup wizard advises the user to unplug the keyboard dock (avoiding the mouse issues) and update the system. Unfortunately, as of this update to this page (September 8, 2020) this will not fix any of the issues above.
Tested with UT, Mobian and Archlinux: sitting right beside the router gives a connection (ca. 60% level). No reception in a distance of 7 meters, no wall, just an opened door, some edges, router not directly visible. Pinephone right beside the Pinetab has an absolutly stable wifi connection.
In the event that WiFi fails to connect using Ubuntu Touch, the USB port can be used with an appropriate dongle to connect for internet using ethernet cable.
== Keyboard ==
The keyboard attaches magnetically and will correctly link only one way: so screen faces the keyboard.
The keyboard backlight automatically comes on when keyboard is attached, but the light can be turned off/on by holding down the Pine (super) key and tapping the right CTRL key which also shows a bulb icon. The keyboard draws its power from the PineTab battery.
Holding down the Pine key for two seconds and holding it down reveals a popup window of keyboard shortcuts.
To access the icon features on the function keys, hold down the Fn key and tap the appropriate key. Ex: F5 and F6 activate volume control (which also has a rocker button on the tablet edge).

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