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* J1101:<br>CON6-0.5, TP_6PIN-ZQ01 8-pin connector to the capacitive touch panel controller<br>'''''Note:''''' The label says that the connector has 6-pins, but the schematic shows 8-pins.
* ED1100, ED1101, ED1102, ED1103:<br>Will Semiconductor [ ESD5451X] 1-line, bi-directional, transient voltage suppressor, EDS protection up to ±30kV and 8A.
* U1100:<br>Chipown [ AP3127B025] step-up DC/DC converter series, white LED backlight driver, 6-pin SOT-23-6L package.<br> '''''Note:''''' "LCM/CTP" means "liquid crystal display monitor/capacitive touch panel". An LCM generally includes an LCD screen + LED backlight + PCB with the LCD controller + frame.


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