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** Their is a software fix using alsamixer and then enable either "R invert" or "L invert", however, now the headphones have incorrect audio.
** The permanent fix is to re-wire one speaker, though this requires soldering small wires.
=USB docks & USB C alternate mode video =
The Pinebook Pro uses the RK3399 SoC (System on a Chip). It supports a video pass through mode on the USB C port using DisplayPort alternate mode. This DisplayPort output comes from the same GPU used to display the built-in LCD.
Here are some selection criteria for successfully using the USB C alternate mode for video:
* The device must use USB C alternate mode DisplayPort. Not USB C alternate mode HDMI, or other.
* The device can have a HDMI, DVI, or VGA connector, if it uses an active translater.
* If USB 3 is also desired from a USB dock, the maximum resolution, frame rate and pixel depth is reduced to half the bandwidth. For example, 4K @ 30hz instead of 60hz.
* USB docks that also use USB C alternate mode DisplayPort will always have USB 2 available, (480Mbps, half-duplex).

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