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= Linux Images =
Please note recent release notes for all 0.7.x images below:* 0.7.9: Fix upgrade problem (u-boot-* packages),* 0.7.8: Improve eMMC compatibility on RockPro64,* 0.7.8: '''Disable sdio (no wifi/bt) to fix pcie/nvme support on 4.4 for RockPro64''',* 0.7.8: Fix OMV builds (missing initrd.img),* 0.7.8: Make all packages virtual, conflicting and replacing making possible to do linux-rock64/rockpro64 to replace basesystem,* 0.7.7: Fix memory corruptions caused by Mali/Display subsystem (4.4),* 0.7.7: Enable SDR104 mode for SD cards (this requires u-boot upgrade if booting from SD),* 0.7.6: Change OPP's for Rock64 and RockPro64: ayufan-rock64/linux-kernel@4.4.132-1059-rockchip-ayufan...ayufan-rock64:4.4.132-1062-rockchip-ayufan,* 0.7.5: Various stability fixes for kernel and u-boot,* 0.7.5: Added memtest to kernels and extlinux,* 0.7.5: Show early boot log when booting kernels,* 0.7.4: Fix script to respect boot flags (fixes second boot problem introduced by 0.7.0),* 0.7.4: Add rock(pro),* 0.7.4: Fix cursor on desktop for rockpro64,
== Armbian==


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