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== Xenial Mate eMMC Debian Desktop ==
=== Xenial Mate Community Build Image [microSD to eMMC] [0.6.2-77] by ayufan mrfixit2001 ===* This is the default OS comes with Pinebook* Special thanks to ayufan, Icenowy, lennyraposo, longsleep, lukasz, tkaiser, Xalius and PINE64 community contributors* This is microSD install to eMMC version. Please follow bootup screen to complete eMMC installation processPro* Included Mate Desktop, Firebox Browser, and LibreOffice Suite* Not yet optimize for Graphic and Video HW acceleration* DD image (for 8GB micoSD microSD card / 16GB eMMC module and above):** [httphttps://filesgithub.pine64.orgcom/mrfixit2001/debian_desktop/osreleases/Pinebookdownload/ubuntu190905/xenialpinebookpro-matedebian-pinebookdesktop-bspkernelmrfixit-0.6.2-77-sd2emmc190905.img.xz Direct download release build 190905 from pine64.orgmrfixit2001's github]*** MD5 (GZip XZ file): A945FA7E0E40EB6109C530D9815C20A30295076FAE7B2444447CC192E7E03DBF*** File Size: 1.3GB15GB
* Login with
** username: pine64rock** password: pine64rock
** username: manjaro
** password: manjaro
= Android Image Releases =

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