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* Baseboard Schematic:
** [ "Don't Be Evil" PinePhone Dev kit Baseboard Schematic]
** [ "Don't Be Evil" PinePhone Dev kit Baseboard Structure]
* SOPine Module Schematic:
** [ SOPine Module Schematic]
*** [ FocalTech FT6336GU Front Panel Touch Screen Specification]
**** [ FocalTech FT6336GU Driver Source Code]
** Lithium Battery information:
*** [ Panasonic NCR18650B 3350mAH Lithium Ion Battery Specification]
** Ethernet PHY information:
*** [ Realtek RTL8211 10/100/1000M Ethernet Transceiver for PINE A64+ Board]*** [ Realtek RTL8201 10/100M Ethernet Transceiver for PINE A64 Board]
** Wifi/BT module information:
*** [ Realtek RTL8723BS WiFi with BT SDIO]

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