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== Arch Linux UBPorts mainline build by anarsoul ==* Not Yet Ready *
** [https Direct download latest release build from anarsoul github and look for archlinux-xfce-sopineplasma-xxxxxxxx-xmobile.img.xz]* Login with** User Name: alarm, Password: alarm** User Name: root, Password: root* please login root and execute "pacman -Syu" for latest update* Standby feature not yet implementedpng
== KDE Plasma Mobile build ==
* Not Yet Ready * == AOSC Community mainline minimum Postmarket OS build by icenowy ==* To learn more about AOSC, please visit the official [httpsNot Yet Ready *  http://aoscfiles.pine64.ioorg/sw/pine64_installer/json/ AOSC website]sailfishos.png == Sailfish OS build ==*Not Yet Ready * [https  http://githubfiles.pine64.comorg/AOSC-Devsw/aosc-os-arm-bspspine64_installer/tree/master/sunxi/u-boot-sun50i-a64-sopine-baseboard Icenowy's github for A64 SoC]maemo_leste.png* Login with** username: aosc== Maemo OS build ==*Not Yet Ready * password: anthon

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