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==Which software should I use?==
If you are intending to use the NAS Case for a home or small company NAS, then we strongly recommend you use [ Open Media Vault (OMV)]. OMV is an open source NAS solution that makes setting up user accounts, network shares and services a breeze. It also simplifies installing additional features (called plugins), such as: PLEX media server; Remote Desktop; Encryption; RSync; etc.,
NoteworthilyIts worth noting that Nextcloud, Nextcloud or other similar Cloud storage solution solutions, can also be easily installed alongside the OMV OS Image.
Administration and monitoring of OMV is done via an advanced WebGUI, which also allows for updating and upgrading the ROCKPro64. To learn more about OMV please visit [ their website ].
To download the latest OMV build visit the [ ROCKPro64 OS download section.]
==Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions==

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