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* A SD card reader
* Your PINE64 device with the eMMC module installed
'''Starting the SD-to-eMMC Flashing Process'''
Begin the process by launching the PINE64 Installer utility and clicking 'Choose an OS'. Next select your device from the drop-down menu. You will be presented with the various OS images available via the utility; you will notice that some of the OS images have '''SDCard to eMMC listed next to them in the brackets'''. Only images with this designation in the brackets will be able to help you flash the image of your choice to eMMC.
Having selected an OS image put in your microSD card into your SD cardreader and follow the on-screen instructions. The process will flash the SD-to-eMMC installation image to your micro SD card. Once PINE64 Installer has completed the flashing process remove and micro SD card from your computer and place insert it into your PINE64 device.
Connect a keyboard and HDMI display for the SD-to-eMMC installation process (does not apply to Pinebook). Make sure that both your eMMC module and micro SD card are inserted into your device and apply power to the unit. You will be provided with further instructions on the display as well as a progress bar of the eMMC installation process. Once the process is complete, power down your PINE64 device and remove the micro SD from its socket. You can now boot into your OS image of choice from the eMMC module.  
=== Flashing Using the USB-to-eMMC Adaptor (preferred way) ===

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