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[[File:PostmarketOS logo.png|right|100px]]
[[File:PostmarketOS logo.png|right|100px]]

Official postmarketOS build with the GNOME desktop for the Pinebook Pro. It boots from microSD card and from eMMC.
Official postmarketOS stable builds are available for the Pinebook Pro with the following interfaces:
* console
* KDE Plasma Desktop
* Phosh
* Sway
It boots from microSD card and from eMMC.

'''Download location'''
'''Download location'''

Get the latest image here: [https://images.postmarketos.org/bpo/edge/pine64-pinebookpro/ Direct download latest images from postmarketOS] (size: 400 MB)
Get the stable image here: https://postmarketos.org/download/ (size: 103 MB to 775 MB)
The installer images allows setting up an encrypted installation on SD or eMMC.

'''Username and password'''
'''Username and password'''


==Kali Linux==
==Kali Linux==

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