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== Void Linux ==
[https://voidlinux.org/ Void Linux] packages U-Boot and a kernel for the Pinebook Pro, but does not distribute any images for the device.
Cameron Nemo ([[User:CameronNemo]]) distributes unofficial Void Linux images for the Pinebook Pro:
* [https://repo.nohom.org/void/images/void-pinebookpro-20220530.img.xz glibc download]
* [https://repo.nohom.org/void/images/void-pinebookpro-musl-20220530.img.xz musl download]
Some notes about the images:
* They were released on 2022-05-30
* They ship U-Boot 2022.04 and Linux 5.15.44 (with minimal patches)
* Meant to be uncompressed then flashed to either an SD card or the internal eMMC module
* The root partition is ~1.7GB, and must be expanded manually
* There are very few services enabled on the images by default: udev and some getty's
* The default root password is "voidlinux"

= BSD =
= BSD =


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