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=== State of the software ===
=== State of the software ===

Presently, at the time of writing (late 2021), the PinePhone Pro is aimed solely at early adopters and developers. It will take time for all the PinePhone Pro’s functionality to reach software parity with the original PinePhone and for mobile operating systems, in more general, to reach a higher degree of maturity.
{{:PinePhone Pro Software State}}
Bear in mind that the software for these smartphones is still in a very early stage, with most of the software being in alpha or beta state. That's especially also the case for scalability of applications, their availability and practicability, any hardware function implementations and the firmware. The software is provided as is. There is no warranty for the software, not even for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
If you have any questions regarding the current state of the software or of specific features working, please don't hesitate to ask in the community chat (see [[Main Page#Community and Support]])!

=== Editions and revisions ===
=== Editions and revisions ===


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