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''' Peripheral On Top (POT) '''
=='''POT Board Recommended PCB Dimension'''==
[httpshttp://drivefiles.googlepine64.comorg/filedoc/dPine%20A64%20Schematic/0B0cEs0lxTtL3TEk3QjlyamtDbUU/view?usp=sharing PineA64%20POT%20Board.rar POT board dimension for Pine A64 in DXF format] [httpshttp://drivefiles.googlepine64.comorg/filedoc/dPine%20A64%20Schematic/0B0cEs0lxTtL3VWxtNGNUSVB2cUE/view?usp=sharing PineA64%20POT%20Board.pdf POT board dimension for Pine A64 in PDF format]
=='''USB/UART Programming/Console Adapter (PMPROG01)'''==
Voltage Output on the connection is selectable to either 5V,3.3V or off
On board USB-B Connector Receptor
Connector J3 can direct insert into Pine A64 Exp-Busto provide console access to Pine A64 board
I/O pin are protected with ESD protector IC.
On board 5x2pin connector can direct insert into Pine A64 Exp Bus for UART0 Console access
Can use for programming and debugging for Wifi Remote I/O board
''Related Specification and Document''
[[ Virtual COM Port Driver]]
[[ USBXpress Driver]]
[[File:PMWF01A_Wifi_Remote_IO_Rev3PMWF01A Wifi Remote IO Rev3-1.jpg]]
=='''POT: Veroboard (PMVRB01)'''==
On board 4pcs of Tact switch
On board XH5 2.54mm pitch connector for UART0 allow easy connection to USB/UART adapter for console access
[ NXP AN10658 Sending I2C-bus signal via long communication cables]
[ NXP AN11075 Driving I2C-bus signals over twisted pair cables with PCA9605]
[ Program to Enable I2c Port internal pull with full source code]
[ Multi I2c Bus Schematic]
=='''POT: ZWave Module Shield Adapter (PMZW01PMARD01)'''== [[File:ZWave_PCB_LayoutPMARD01_Shield_Adpater_POT.JPG]] [[File:PMARD01_Arduino_Pin_Mapping.JPG]] Adapter for Arduino Shield Separate on board LM1117 3.3V LDO for the Shield Base on Mitsumi WML-C85C ZWave ChipsetMaxim MAX11609 on ADC input. Allow up to 5V analog signal Extra 5V input DC jack socket (suitable for 4.0mm X 1.7mm DC Jack) for extra input power ''Related Specification and Document'' On board PCB antenna or U[http:// connector for external antennaconverters/MAX11609.html MAX11609 10bit I2C ADC]
=='''I2C Device: Humidity and Temperature Sensor (PMSDP01)'''==
''Related Specification and Document''
[ Si7021-A20 Datasheet]
=='''I2C Device: Ambient Light Sensor (PMSAL01)'''==
''Related Specification and Document''
[ TSL2561T Datasheet]
=='''WiFi Remote I2C (PMWF01A)'''==
XH 6 2.54mm pitch connector for GPIO/SPI/PWM output
XH 2 2.54mm pitch connector for system power 5V input or output
DC Jack socket (suitable for 4.0mm X 1.7mm DC Jack) for system power input
UART Port connector ready for on chip programming using USB/UART Programming/Console Adapter (PMPROG01)
2pcs of XH 5pin 2.54 mm pitch connector to allow daisy chain of multiple I2C sensor
Further Detail info on the module can be found at [ WiFi Remote I2c Quick Start Guide] wiki page 
''Related Specification and Document''
[ TE PCJ-105D3M Relay Datasheet]
[ ESP8266 Datasheet]
[ ESP8266 forum]
=='''Inter Connection Wire'''==

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