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{{Under construction}}
{{Under construction}}
As explained in the [[PinePhone Pro#Boot order|boot order]] paragraph, the eMMC has a higher boot priority than the microSD card. On the '''Explorer Edition''' the default installation of U-Boot shipped by the factory points to the microSD card when holding the power key at boot. If the default installation was corrupted or overwritten by a different configured U-Boot, the eMMC may have to be bypassed to boot from microSD card and to alter the eMMC contents.
{{hint|If the '''battery is fully drained''' U-Boot might fail to boot any installed operating system on the eMMC and microSD card due to a bug.
If that's the case please start your phone in Maskrom mode and let it charge in that for a few hours. To do that:
* Remove any microSD card from the phone
* Hold the "RE" button underneath the back cover of your '''Explorer Edition''' (or shorting the bypass contact points on the '''Developer Edition''')
* Connect the phone to an USB port of a computer, while still holding the button
* Check if the phone in Maskrom mode appears in the output of the Linux command <code>lsusb</code> on the computer
* Let the phone charge for multiple hours.
=== Bypass the eMMC to temporarily boot from microSD card ===
=== Wipe U-Boot from the eMMC to boot from the microSD by default ===

=== Software releases ===
=== Software releases ===


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