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uploaded and embedded logos -- Software entries should probably point to phone software page now?
* Based on Allwinner A64/R18
** '''R18 and A64 are identical SoC but R18 committed for 10 years supply by vendor.'''
<div style=float:right>[[File:Allwinner_A64.jpg]] [[File:Allwinner_R18.png]]</div>
== CPU Architecture ==
*** [ InvenSense MPU-6050 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer) MEMS Datasheet]
*** [ SensorTek STK3335 Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor]
= Software and OS Image Downloads =
== Postmarket OS Early Alpha test build [microSD Boot] ==
<div style=float:right>[[File:postmarketos.png|right|100px]]</div>
* Suitable for PinePhone "Don't Be Evil" Dev Kit version 1.1 and version 1.2
* There are two type of LCD panels. For long touch screen cable, please use the build with inverted wording.
** [ Direct download from postmarketOS image site]
** [ postmarketOS PinePhone "Don't Be Evil" dev kit wiki site]
== UBPorts mainline build ==
<div style=float:right>[[File:ubports.png|right|100px]]</div>
* [ UBPorts Jenkins for PinePhone]
The link above seems to be broken, if so try this:
[ Jenkins Project rootfs-pinephone]
== KDE Plasma Mobile build ==
<div style=float:right>[[File:plasma_mobile.png|right|100px]]</div>
* Not Yet Ready *
== Sailfish OS build ==
<div style=float:right>[[File:sailfishos.png|right|100px]]</div>
The Sailfish OS image is build on Gitlab CI, the latest image can be installed using our [ flashing script] written in Bash.
'''Note''': The script will format and flash the SD card, make sure that you don't have any important data on the SD card!
== Maemo Leste build ==
<div style=float:right>[[File:maemo_leste.png|right|100px]]</div>
* Works on dev kit versions 1.1 and 1.2
* DD image to a micro SD (8GB+) or eMMC
** [ Maemo Leste test builds download]
== NixOS build ==
<div style=float:right>[[File:nixos.png|right|100px]]</div>
* Not Yet Ready *
== LuneOS build ==
<div style=float:right>[[File:luneos.jpg|right|100px]]</div>
* [ LuneOS test image for PinePhone and thanks to Tofe]
* Tofe recommends using bmaptool ; for example "bmaptool copy /dev/mmcblk0"
== Nemo Mobile build ==
<div style=float:right>[[File:nemo_mobile.png|right|100px]]</div>
* Not Yet Ready *
== Quick Links to Build Sources of OS Images ==
* [ A64 mainline status matrix chart]
* [ longsleep BSP Linux]
* [ ayufan Linux]
= Errata for ver1.1 and ver1.2 board =
'''1. Please DON'T insert micro SIM card to dev kit board micro SIM card slot, the SIM data, VPP, and GND signal have been misplaced. A miciPCIe adapter with sim card holder 9shown as below photo) will be provide to developers to correct this mistake.'''
'''2. The PinePhone dev kit doesn't charge due to VBUS on SOPine module is not connected. Please connect R9688 solder pads with 0 ohm resistor or using thin wire bridge up the solder pads. Location shows as below:'''
'''3. The SOPINE's SPI NOR flash storage and the devkit's camera flash (heh) share the same GPIO pins. The flash storage may not be used.'''
[[File:SOPINE-SPI-Flash.png|200px]] [[File:Pinephone-1.1-flash-schematic.png|200px]]
Flash GPIOs Reassigned wiring
= Other Resources =


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