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micoSD to microSD (x1), imgs 500 to 200px
* Lastly, the third phase which is the PinePhone itself - scheduled to be prototype released in Q3 2019 and BTO batch released with mobile OS parents in Q4 2019 (pending on software development).
[[Image:Qee3ovj.jpg|500px|Image: 500 pixels200px]][[Image:Qsud2Gt.jpg|500px|Image: 500 pixels200px]][[Image:Martijnpocket.jpg|500px|Image: 420 pixels200px]]
= Project Don't be evil, Baseboard and SOPine Module Information, and Schematics =
* Suitable for PinePhone "Don't Be Evil" Dev Kit version 1.1 and version 1.2
* There are two type of LCD panels. For long touch screen cable, please use the build with inverted wording.
* DD image (for 8GB micoSD microSD card and above)
** [ Direct download from postmarketOS image site]
** [ postmarketOS PinePhone "Don't Be Evil" dev kit wiki site]
'''4. On the camera flash GPIO conflict, the new assignment of GPIO PB3 pin for SGM3140 FLASH_EN and GPIP PD7 for FLASH_TRIGOUT. Please note that PD7 is also LCD_ID pin which may not be used.'''
GPIO PB3 location
[[File:U54_SGM3140_FLASH_EN pin location.jpg|200px]]
U54 SGM3140 FLASH_EN pin location
Flash GPIOs Reassigned wiring


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