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==== In simple terms, what are the differences between Braveheart and the new Community Edition? ====
The Braveheart PinePhone was the first public revision of the PinePhone which was intended solely for developers and Linux enthusiasts. The UBports Community Edition was the next revision of the PinePhone with an updated mainboard based on feedback from the Braveheart Edition, see [[PinePhone#Hardware Revisions]]. All current revisions of the PinePhone continue to be intended for developers and enthusiasts, however Pine64 , PINE64 will be starting to offer partnered retail units of the PinePhone which will have a better warranty and technical support (keep in mind even then it is not intended for a broader audience at this time, as the software still needs work and the hardware does not hold up well to modern consumer standards).
==== Will there be a newer revision after the Community Editions? ====


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