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Installing Gentoo Linux on Pinebook Pro

Here is Arwen's guide to installing Gentoo Linux on a Pinebook Pro. It's a work in progress, so this is not designed for end users.

  • Gentoo Linux on ARMv8 / 64 bit
  • Initial RAM disk on "/boot"
  • OpenZFS version 7.13, or >=0.8.3
  • OpenZFS used for root pool & data pool, (but perhaps not for "/boot" or swap)
  • Support both Suspend to RAM and Hibernate to disk. Ideally support Hybrid-Suspend which will convert a Suspend to RAM into a Hibernate to disk, after a timeout.
  • Encrypted swap
  • Allow for encrypting root pool, (which needs prompting for passphrase in InitRD)
  • Allow for mirroring OS to second device, (NVMEe):
    • "/boot" & swap vi MD-RAID
    • root pool via ZFS


  • Have a bootable OS of Unix type, preferable Linux
  • There must be a place you can install Gentoo Linux, like another disk partition or MicroSD card
  • After installation, the boot process must allow you to boot off the newly installed Gentoo Linux. For example, using a MicroSD card which takes boot priority over the eMMC.


Follow the normal "chroot" install.