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Could you remove the following pages?

Unnecessary redirects:


Moving to userspace:

--Fxc (talk) 07:57, 21 August 2020 (UTC)

Removing things from wiki should be used very sparingly in my view. As the costs are low, and the confusion can be big, the removal of stuff is often just making more damage than it is worth.
* My Life Removed as it was just a redirect.
* Mobian for PinePhone The only thing I see wrong is the title, "Pinephone/Mobian info" would be more appropriate.
* PineTab/Early-Adopter Intentional placeholder by UniversalSuperBox, see the text for the reasoning of the page.
* Dieselnutjob pinebook pro notes If it had actual info, it could be moved to userpage, will likely remove soon.
Unnecessary redirects: Did not remove, due to unnecessarily breaking external links.
* I am unsure if this should be re-re-removed again.
* Inconsistent with other pages, external link risk is even bigger.
Moving: I am unsure if this should be re-re-removed again. Will make decision soon.
* Moving Frequently asked questions about the PineTime back to PineTime FAQ (requires to remove PineTime FAQ first)
Moving to userspace: I consider this a task of the user first, please talk to the user if possible.
* Silver 3d printed a folding keyboard mostly to User:Silver/3d printed a folding keyboard mostly
* Arwen repartition to User:Arwen/repartition
* Arwen Gentoo to User:Arwen/Gentoo
* Bridadan pinephone gamepad to User:Bridadan/pinephone gamepad
* Lup Yuen Lee Q&A about PineTime to User:Darnel/Lup Yuen Lee Q&A about PineTime I consider this a legitimate page, not to be hidden under user pages.
In the end, my main point would be not to fall into the same traps some bigger wiki's have fallen into, that a lot of work is expended by people, only to see that work censored away again because other community : : members think that their opinion is the only valid one. Heavy handed policing of community is a proven way to end it.
underlined text Abcde (talk) 08:08, 22 August 2020 (UTC)