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Using an intel server running NixOS this code provides the ability to assemble a bootable image suitable for various Pine hardware using pieces are pre-built from other community builds.

$> nix-build -Av rock64
$> sudo dd if=./result of=/dev/sdc bs=1M &
$> watch -n 20 sudo kill -USR1 $(ps | awk '/[0-9] dd/ { print $1 }') # report progress

The instructions create an image file that can be written to an sdcard, but no instructions on how to customise the image. Having written the sdcard, we add the emmc-disable jumper and boot the board.

Once successfully booted, we remove the sdcard, and mount it again to take a look at it. At this point we can mmanually add an ssh key to /home/nixos/.ssh/authorized_keys

Testing on a Rock64, the image boots from the sdcard and is accessible via ssh.