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Example 1

Download location UBports PinePhone project
1 2

Example 2

Ubuntu Touch
A Mobile Version of the Ubuntu Operating System made and maintained by the UBports Community.

A short, state-of-the-art (as at 2 April 2020) demo on YouTube.

Ubuntu touch is a mobile version of Ubuntu developed by the UBports community. Installation instructions can be found on the UBports PinePhone project. There is also a script to download the latest image and flash to your PinePhone. In the future, Ubuntu Touch will be able to be installed onto the PinePhone with the UBports installer GUI tool.

Download location UBports PinePhone project
user-id/password abc
What works, what does not work Scroll down to the bottom of this page.
How to contribute and report defects See UBports gitlab page.
Contributions See UBports website for how to donate.