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My name is Dragan Simic, and my username on the Pine64 forum is the same as on the Pine64 wiki: "dsimic".

As a note, I have a rather long history on English Wikipedia, with a total of about 40,000 edits made to computing articles and more than a few dozens of new computing articles created, including the articles such as M.2, Container Linux, Solid-state storage, OpenZFS, Open vSwitch, zswap, kpatch, kGraft, kdump (Linux), Android Runtime, and Address generation unit. Another article I've created, Row hammer, has even met the requirements for a GA assessment. Though, I no longer contribute to English Wikipedia – after a few years of devotion, I simply had to move on.

By the way, I'd highly suggest everybody to at least have a look at the English Wikipedia's Manual of Style. It's simply an excellent resource, very usable no matter what you're writing about. Almost 20 years of effort went into getting it into the current form, yet it remains very condensed and easy to digest.

So much for now. Let's make the Pine64 wiki better together.