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Hi, I'm a student and FOSS software developer from Switzerland. I'm versed in C, D, Python, Java and AArch64 assembly.

You can contact me under CounterPillow on the PINE64 IRC or Discord, or through the e-mail listed on my GitHub profile.

What Am I Working On?

This is a list of stuff I'm currently somewhat sometimes working on. You can support my bad life decisions through GitHub Sponsors.

Currently Working On

  • rkdjpeg driver: I'm writing a driver to use the hardware JPEG decoding on RK35xx chips from Rockchip. It's currently quite early stages and I don't work on it very often.
  • i2s-tdm driver: I'm the maintainer for this driver in mainline and did some work to add RK3588 support to it that I have yet to properly test, rework and submit upstream.

Interested In Working On

  • The panvk stuff (Vulkan for the Panfrost driver) could be fun to work on, but I've never written GPU drivers and I've never written a Vulkan application before (though I do have OpenGL experience).
  • A mainline rkvdec2 driver, but this is way above my head.
  • Mainlining the RK3588 HDMI RX driver, because having HDMI input is cool.
  • An rkvenc driver, but again, way above my head.

PINE64 Stuff I Own

For the purposes of what I can help with regarding documenting things on the wiki and testing things out, here's a list of PINE64 products I own.

  • ROCK64 2 GB
    • aluminium case
    • open acrylic case
    • RTL8188EU Wi-Fi adapter
    • 3.5mm jack to RCA cable (plan to port the driver for it at some point)
  • ROCKPro64 4 GB
    • aluminium case (I don't use it though)
    • tall heat sink
    • fan
  • Quartz64 Model A 8 GB
    • open acrylic case
    • medium heat sink
  • Quartz64 Model B 4 GB
    • open acrylic case
  • PinePower Desktop
  • PineNut (managed to flash something to it with a jank breadboard setup)
  • PineCone
  • eMMC + eMMC USB adapter
  • PineDio USB adapter
  • PineNote dev kit
  • QuartzPro64 dev kit
  • SOQuartz 2 GB, 4 GB, 6 × 8 GB
    • Model A baseboard
    • Blade baseboard

Plan To Get

  • Nothing at the moment, but temptations are there.