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  • Interested in supporting the community by improving the wiki, (co-)creating guides and tutorials.
  • Topics of interest: Personal Automation, Digital Self-Reliance, Personal Education.
  • It would be great to add some general hardening to Linux distributions to make mobile devices more secure when they are on the move.
  • You can often find me under this username on as well, where I try to keep IRC channel topics current.

My Current Pine Devices

Projection of Next Orders

  • The PineCom see It sounds like the better PinePhone, and all I wanted that to be!
  • Another PineTab to finish my home setup. hopefully with SDR, LoRa, and/or NVME storage. 3GB RAM?
  • The PinePhone keyboard, yes please! (maybe tempered glass covers)
  • The Pinecil for my soldering and experimentation needs. RiscV :)
  • ROCKPro64 to make into a storage node for the cluster clients.
  • Some of the next modules in the SOPine range like the SOEdge, as soon as they are released.
  • The PineRouter!

I have too much devices already to go for a Pinebook Pro atm... but if that changes :)

And I am very interested in new experiments that Pine wants to go for. I would love a PineReader, but have a lot more ideas :)