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Why not mirasol screen?

Why not a "PINE TIME" 24h sphere also in day % "a la" swatch time?

  • [1]Swatch_Internet_Time
But with dual 00.000 one local and the other any other city or GMT
A day is 24*60*60 = 86400" 
1% = 864" = 14'24"     almost 15 minutes
0.1% = 86.4" = 1'26.4" almost one and a half minutes
0.001% = 0.864",       almost a second 
And perhaps this decimal time is better for computers, and the classic 24h one 
will be in the future calculated from this.
Also with sphere designs with weather information as rains, sun/moon rise and down, 
waves wind with evolution in multi-colored circumferences,plus numbers touching. 
all of it configurable, but with some great "all of them" designs.

Some informations about CST816S Hello everyone, I managed to receive some informations from manufacturer after request them.

You can find those in attachments.