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growpart not found

I just tried to resize the partition on my SD card using growpart, which didn't work because apt couldn't find the package. So I did the following: 1. install gparted 2. connect to the phone via ssh -X phablet@[ipadress] 3. starting gparted on my ubuntu machine via ssh with a GUI. In gparted it's very easy to resize a partition. now I have all the free space. :)

you might think about adding this to the manual? --Foxchild (talk) 16:07, 8 March 2020 (UTC)

seperate official and unofficial software releases ?

Is it a good idea to seperate the official and unofficial software releases ?

Yes when the number of releases grow even larger. Other categoration like open source or not may also be applied. A table with class="wikitable sortable" would help for those categorations. --RainSlide (talk) 19 Feb 2020